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Nharangga Totems - AR Fine Art Print

Nharangga Totems - AR Fine Art Print

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“is an artistic exploration through Nharangga country by following the four Totems. The artwork has been created to allow viewers the ability to travel and to develop or maintain a connection to the country when sometimes for many reasons we cannot. Immerse yourself in this AR experience and witness how easily these totems navigate the complex relationships between each other as well as the environment.”

This is a digital design created with ProCreate, printed on high quality Canson Rag Photographique 310gsm paper(A2) 420x594mm

Artwork and Sound Design: Daen Sansbury-Smith

Narration: Lavarah Karpany and Marama Sansbury-Smith

Language: Nharangga Warra

Animation: Isobel Knowles

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