We are an Aboriginal Art business based in Melbourne, specialising in original artwork and design, streetwear and Augmented Reality(AR) with a purpose of promoting the use of First Nations languages and sharing cultural art.

Adjadura Art, means My People’s Art in Nharangga Warra.

Founder Daen Sansbury-Smith a Nharangga/ Kaurna and Trawlwoolway multimedia arts producer was awarded the Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership in 2021 being recognised for his commitment to cultural preservation and continuation through modern technology and multimedia art productions.

The products we create are meaningfully designed and the project based services we deliver are driven by our purpose to maintain cultural art and language revival.

Daen Sansbury-Smith

Indigenous Leadership Fellowship, 2021.

"Living in my community is like living in tomorrow's history books about Aboriginal people. With my skill set I see it as my responsibility to ensure that those before me have a proper voice, through me, to those who come after me. Ultimately I feel a deep desperation to document appropriately, accurately and artistically those cultural stories and evolve those expressions with technology."

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Adjadura Art primarily works on Kaurna, Narungga and Wurundjeri Country. We recognise the First Nation peoples as the first artists, storytellers and creators of these Lands.