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Ivartji - AR Fine Art Print

Ivartji - AR Fine Art Print

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“Proudly wears a Nharangga cloak that was gifted to her by a tribal friend from across the gulf. The original photograph that inspired this artwork is special to my family, as Ivartji was the sister of our ancestor Ramminyemmerin, and the Cloak was designed by a very important Nharangga Elder, Lousie Egglington. The AR experience displays how today Nharangga and Kaurna people still strongly hold onto culture, history and knowledge for the future holders.”

This is a digital design created with ProCreate, printed on high quality Canson Rag Photographique 310gsm paper(A2) 420x594mm

Artwork, Narration and Sound Design: Daen Sansbury-Smith

Language: Nharangga Warra

Animation: Isobel Knowles

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