Dindu (Sun) and Bira (Moon) Augmented Reality - A2 PRINT

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White ochre, charcoal and acrylic on canvas.

“This painting follows the path of father sun and mother moon who created balance for life to be given on Tasmania. Sometimes the moon sneaks into the day to be near the sun and look over all they have created. This painting can be flipped to have the sun or the moon leading the way. The circles represent man and the semi-circles represent women, displaying the countless generations of cultural continuation. The canvas with the circle in the top left is the man, the canvas with the semi-circle in the bottom left is the woman and the rectangle give space to envisage yourself in either. The Dots represent the Mallee scrub. The line is the path that they take following each other and stopping at men’s and women’s meeting sites, creating balance and life for all.”