TYPES OF ARTWORK YOU CAN COMMISSION: I am currently accepting requests for commissioned pieces from January 2022 onwards (subject to change). We cater to creating beautiful fine art pieces, Augmented Reality (AR) experiences and detailed digital works to suit your individual needs. Adjadura Arts services all individuals, diverse communities, businesses big or small and corporate requirements. We welcome all enquires. 


Artwork commissions start at $100 and the fee varies depending on type of artwork or design required, the requested timeframe and the dimensions. Once we have the important details, we’ll prepare a quote for you before we proceed further. Once the quote is approved, you’ll need to place a 50% deposit in order for the project to start and provide the rest upon completion.  


  • You get to work with a multi dimensional experienced Aboriginal artist capable of delivering many different art experiences 
  • We remain unique as a multi industry arts business proven to deliver beautiful results for any occasion. If you want to get the most out of your vision then look no further. 
  • Whatever your needs are; you can guarantee that you are receiving authentic Aboriginal artwork accompanied with certificate of authenticity 


  • Review current works for sale, previous sales in my gallery and Adjadura Arts social media  to get a feel for my style 
  • Contact us and let us know what you’re looking for
  • Finalise type of artwork you require, artwork dimensions, details and timeline
  • We will prepare a quote and once approved, off we go
  • We thank you for your business :)