A Fight For Survival - Bunjilaka
A Fight for Survival story exhibited at Bunjilaka for many months from 2021-2022, just incase you missed it here is a clip of our family trip to Melbourne Museum walking through the collection of works and checking on my Tassie Tiger Augmented Reality...
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A Fight For Survival - Northland Secondary College
The reason I paint my storylines and do what I do. My kids continue to inspire me and guide my artworks.  About the Exhibition announcement: Yesterday was the launch of @afightforsurvivalnorthlands commemorating the historic fight to keep Northlands Secondary School...
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'Black Crow' Exhibition at Koorie Heritage Trust
Black Crow is a metaphor for the wise watchful eye of male Aboriginal role models and their key responsibilities within the community. Black Crow expands on Narungga and Trawoolwaway artist Daen Sansbury-Smith’s representation of Narungga and Palawa stories, art and culture. The...
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